Facts about the Bassoon

boot of the bassoon

Some Basic Bassoon Info:

First of all, the bassoon is not an oboe. Many people make the mistake that it is, because both of them are double reeded instruments. The bassoon has a range of over 3 octaves. Most people know the lower sounds the bassoon makes better like the way it sounds in the piece "The Sorcerer's Apprentis" from Fantasia. The bassoon also has a very nice upper range that is less commonly recognized as a bassoon.

The bassoon German/Italian name is "Faggot". The English word fagot, meaning a bundle of sticks, can also be connected with the bassoon. The bassoon is a hallow wooden 'pipe' that is doubled back on itself. It can be taken apart into four wooden pieces. The bassoon also uses a bocal, which is a metal or occasionally wooden thin pipe that attach the reed to the rest of the instrument.

A Site Explanation:

This is just to give viewers a general idea of the overall layout of this section of this site. I may at some point complete the text and information in each of the sections. However this should give you some of the basic ideas of what the completed site would like look and what it might contain.

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20 April 04